Little things that I take great care of.

Getting pregnant , pregnancy & delivery , all of them together can’t win the amount of struggle, efforts & tiredness it takes to raise a healthy & independent baby.

Moms should make sure they’re doing the best they can for the babies not because of competition or comparison but because physical & mental growth & development are way more important. No matter the amount of your quality time investment you put , there is always something left.

As kids grow it’s not possible to regulate everything that would be best for them, but there can be a few things that can be taken care of so that more or less we have everything best covered for them.

Living in a joint family with two (previously 3) mother in laws (his mom & chachi ), I can’t direct my child in a single way that I think would be best for him. Meaning I can’t always put him under my supervision, guidance or love, nor will he follow those. Not saying that joint family is bad , it for me is a blessing ; but it comes with its own set of settings . You’ve to ignore a lot to get a few good things for yourself and baby ( I’m planning to write a blog of what I think of joint family for my baby soon ) .

But I consistently keep a check on a few little things , those are .


Most of the development both physical & mental takes place when the child takes proper amount of sleep required. He’s 19 months now but I make sure he sleeps at least 11-12 hours a day. 9-10 in the night and 1-2 in the noon. I consider this enough for him as he is hyper active. Moms know the best when it comes to the baby’s activity and the amount of rest they need so please please please do not compromise on their sleep.


One of the most important practice that should inculcated is their hygiene both indoors and outdoors. Regular nail trimmings , properly washed utensils, habit of washing hands before & after meal, brushing , gargling , tongue & gum cleaning for younger babies, regular hair wash, moisturising , clean clothes & shoes. One must never ignore the hygiene when it comes to anyone baby or yourself .


There must be a proper time table for meals, naps, play time and other things. This helps the babies to understand things fast and also the body works accordingly. This might sound not important but it’s really really important, it makes the child less cranky and less fussy.


However important sleep & meals may sound , playtime is equally important. Playing indoors / outdoors with the baby helps improving their motor skills. Playing is exercise for babies and that is very beneficial for the brain. It makes the child active both mentally & physically. Kids who are physically active are less likely to get obese in future. You can always get the family involved for the play time it’s fun for kids.

Apart from these , there are many other things that should be taken care of like frequent doctor routine check ups, vaccinations, balanced diet and lots more. We often take care of all this and forget the little things that are really important.

So mommies, this is my take and I hope this helps. More power , love & strength to all the mommies , moms-to-be out there.

Breastfeeding , me & rockstar. A journey , few tips & a little motivation.

Breastfeeding, I believe, is a God’s special blessing to Moms. It is advised by WHO to exclusively breastfeed babies till 6 months of age and gradually shift to solids. Breastmilk as known and believed by doctors all over the world is the best combination of vitamins, minerals & enzymes for the baby’s body. Not only it nurtures the body but helps in the over all mental and physical growth & development also strengthening the immune system. Apart from development, it strengthens the bond between the mother and her baby.

After reading a numerous posts, talking to numerous moms & grandmoms during my pregnancy phase, I decided that I’m going to breastfeed my baby as much as I can well before he arrived. After a few minutes of delivering him, nurses put him on me and yes the sucking started. The first feeling of it was more of worry than anything else , that of am I lactating? Is he getting what he needs ? Is he able to do it properly ? Just like him even I was new to breastfeeding but the nurses assured he’s doing fine & me too.

I started my beautiful journey of breastfeeding. I have a few tips / guide / things to share out of my experience about breast feeding.

•do not hold your breast between your fingers while you feed the baby, that disturbs the flow of the milk. Rather just put the breast in the babies mouth and free your hand to enjoy a beautiful glimpse of your baby enjoying his treat.

•The whole of your areola should be in your baby’s mouth leaving his mouth wide open and lower lip rolled outwards while feeding. This ensures proper suction , less pain & cracks on the nipples.

•Always give your back and lap proper support while feeding. Make sure you put pillows behind your back and on your lap to be comfortable. This prevents back pain issues.

•Always give your baby proper support while he feeds. I used to put his neck on my arms that gave him proper position and support. This helped him nurse very easily and peacefully.

•Always make sure to burp the baby after the nursing session by taking him on your shoulders and patting his back very lightly. This reduces regurgitation , gas and uneasiness.

•BreastFeed the baby every 2 hours until 6 months. By every 2 hours I mean even while he’s asleep.

•Never worry Too much about the supply. It mostly works according to demand. If the baby is making atleast 4-5 wet diapers a day , your supply is enough.

•Don’t use soaps or anything to clean your nipples . A napkin dipped in warm water works the best.

•Moms must not eat for two while feeding, because that is not required. Your body will be hungry when your body needs food it’s just a myth to eat for two when your breastfeed. But a balanced diet full of essential nutrients , vitamins is very very necessary.

•Breastfeeding helps in reducing weight as it helps burn more calories which makes it easy to reach the pre-pregnancy weight.

•Moms must take care of the water intake. They must try to drink enough quantity of water because it gives proper flow to breast milk.

•After 6 months of age , semi solids must be started gradually reducing the breastfeeding sessions.

•WHO recommends breast feeding the baby till 2 years and above. So try to feed the baby atleast at nights till 2 years.

He’s 19 months right now but I still breast feed him to sleep most of the times and mainly at night. We share an amazing bond which I think we’ve made most of it because of breastfeeding. I have lost all the pregnancy as well as the post partum weight (I was 70 kgs on my final day and I am 56 kgs today) without any other particular workout (except running all day behing rockstar). Breastfeeding alters the antibodies to the needs of the baby’s body as the per the message present in the saliva. There can be no other food better than breast milk for a baby.

Every mom should try to take this into consideration. You can always mix formula in your routine if you find any unmanageable reasons. You can pump a little milk if you’re away from the baby. There are various ways that you can manage to make sure that your baby is getting the best of you.

Breastfeeding sure is hardwork but there’s no one stronger than a mom.

Share your breastfeeding stories in the comment box below.

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~ How my rock star made his grand entry ~

July 7 – our latest visit to my gynecologist .

we were told things were going fine , and we roughly had a week to 10 days to get there. My due date was 17th July.

I was literally super super active all my pregnancy and on 10th July in the mid noon while I went to bed to rest for a while that’s when things started to feel different .

I was tired to death and sleepy like anything but something just didn’t feel comfortable ,I couldn’t really sleep. I kept changing positions . I knew that it’s almost time , I was panicking inside but trying to relax my outer self. After almost 1.5 hours and a few calls to my mom later , yes came the answer , this is the beginning of the pains .

as soon as I when I went to loo , I saw slight blood spots on my garments and I immediately understood I shouldn’t wait .

We rushed to the hospital and thank god there was nothing to worry but there was nothing to wait either. They injected me for pains that’s when the horror started. My little rock star ( that’s what I like to call him) had my umbilical cord curled up around his neck . Because of this while bearing the pains I wasn’t allowed to move , only sleep on my left side and bear the pains until the cervix is completely diluted .

9 hours of those terrible pains and not being able to move ,I yelled I wanted to go painless. But the cervix was enough diluted for the anesthesia to work. My hands had bruises and scratches that I made during the pains. Time came when the push push was to start , and my legs just wouldn’t open , they were jammed like anything. 19 months later, I still have a few marks of nurses trying to pull my legs apart.

I knew I couldn’t do more of it , they were tired too, I called my husband to talk to me and just like the gem he is. He looked at my face & my hands , he said please don’t do it if you can’t, we can always opt for c- section.

The myths of c section didn’t want to leave me alone , I was so reluctant to even think of doing it ( after being so active throughout just to have a normal delivery ) but may be because not everything goes as we plan.

We signed the papers, the medications were done ,I was taken to OT. I was crying throughout the operation because there was some guilt in me that I couldn’t do it plus the myths of c section .

all of it was gone when I heard my baby cry, it felt as if I were in some darkness and suddenly came the light. My eyes lit up and I found all my conscious asking for the baby. I had all of my universe , all of my dreams , all of all of it right in my hands .

Suddenly everything seemed right , suddenly there were smiles , suddenly there was contentment , suddenly life changed. And just in matter of second I changed from being a lady to a Mom.