The Struggles of an Indian girl, house maker and an hands-on-mommy

No matter that we are living in the modern age, but when its in India, A girl has to face struggle at some point in her life. Some prove lucky and fight their way  to success and independence whereas some end up facing the discrimination and bias throughout their life. Marriage comes as a life changing event for both the genders but more for an Indian girl, again where some prove lucky to have live the life the desire and some have to live a forced life. What changes life at a larger scale is when a girl enters motherhood, some work their way to their job/business whereas some proudly play hands-on-mommy.

I’m so new to this world of blogging, yet I always want to help women by assuring them they’re not alone, assuring there’s always something to do about any situation, assuring there’s always something out there that makes us feel better and confident. So BLOGCHATTER brings this amazing challenge every year, the April AtoZ challenge wherein we’re supposed to blog every day straight for 26 days. I choose “The Struggles of an Indian Girl, House-maker and a hands-on-mommy”.

I’m going to share incidences, situations, thoughts, laughter, positivity, motivation, love, support through this challenge which will also build in my dedication and commitment towards this new step.

I hope all of you will come, support and share your thoughts and incidences with me in the comment boxes or any of my social media accounts.




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How to make your ME-TIME interesting, relaxing and worth it.

Question-What would a mom need after a non stop routine of sleeping half nights, breast feeding, nappy changes, cooking, feeding solids, agreeing to demands that are nothing less difficult than reaching for stars, tolerating tantrums, and then repeat all of it more than N times a day?

Answer- An extremely soothing, relaxing, motivating, calming and definitely pampering type of quality mommy’s ME-TIME.

Me-time is my prayer every night and believe me when I say it because little Rockstar keeps me on my toes with all the tantrums that he has in his eating schedule, sleeping schedule and most importantly that stubbornness with his mood swings.

After meeting a lot of moms what satisfies me is that I’m not the only one who gets so exhausted and saturated. Such saturation and exhaustion needs to be calmed down for our better performance in the 1 million roles that we play in our daily lives as a mom, as a wife and most importantly as a human being.

Saying this, I also agree that a lot of us sail in the zone where we are always running after the best for our family for our kids, leaving behind ourselves, our needs, our relaxation and all of the care that a soul and a body needs. This might seem the least important when you become a Mommy but as time passes you understand that this is the most important of all to function with a happy mind and a happy body.

Assuming that this much of the introduction clears the importance of your ME-TIME, let’s head towards HOW TO MAKE YOUR ME-TIME INTERESTING, FUN AND SATISFYING all at the same time. Stating all the things I do whenever I find a little or more time for myself-


Yes,yoga! I know most of you might assume this as more stressful and more energy requiring activity, but trust me if you do it following all the rules it will only make you more fresh and active than you were. And if you’re lucky to find an hour to yourself on a daily basis, I recommend you practising yoga at least 4 days a week for 30-45 minutes. This helps to balance mind, body, soul as well as burning the extra calories that we consume while munching with our kids. This has literally helped me shed all my pregnancy weight without working out rigorously or dieting.


Massage soothes all the muscles providing them proper blood flow and relaxes the stress in them created by our daily tiring schedule. There are days when my shoulders and legs and back want to disown my body and just go die, and that day all I want to do is head for a nice spa or get a nice body massage done. Spa and massage gives your body all the oil and moisture it needs so it keeps my skin fresh for at least a week. I try to have a massage once a week.


Manicures, pedicures, clean ups, eyebrows and hair pampering are the words which mostly a mom forgets after she becomes a hands on Mommy. Keeping your body clean prevents you from all types of infections, acne, dryness and yes, keeps you ready for a quick sneak out date with your lovely husband. As important as everything else,I make sure I pamper my body once in a month. This has kept my skin clean and radiant without any extra care.


Art in any form, forces your mind to be creative, stopping all the zillion thoughts to reach your mind. Painting, embroidery, drawing, cooking, doodling, nail paints, dancing, decorating your baby’s cupboard, making some cards for your love or anything that requires your mind to work creatively. This can be done even if you have very less time. I like to make small sticky notes for my husband and stick on his phone while he’s asleep, I like to do pencil shading although not good at it but still yes, I dance with my baby sometimes that keeps him plus me happy, charged & active.So yes, find the creative side of yourself and give time to it.


Keeping this small and simple, take out time for your romance and your husband. Because this out of all the other things, makes your bond and relation stronger and deeper and obviously full of life, happiness and joy. However important parenting and motherhood is equally important is your marriage and love.


Meditation is food for mind & body. It relaxes,controls and balances your emotions & thoughts. This should be your 1st choice regardless of the free time that you have. After you meditate you can experience that you are calm, your whole mind is calm and your whole body is relaxed. After all that’s what you want when you’re a Mommy. Meditate has a lot of benefits and hence all the mommys, moms-to-be, infact not just them everyone should consider adding meditation to their routine for 4 days a week.

Apart from these, there are various others like shopping, binge eating, etc but these mentioned above are important as well as interesting for a Mommy.

So yes, this is what I have been doing over the course and I hope this helps you guys. If there’s anything else that you do and believe it could be of help to me or any Mommy, please share in the comment box.

Raising a Toddler in a joint family.

7 over excited , energetic , extra loving , extra caring and extremely light hearted people is what my in-laws joint family made of.

There have been mixed reviews about raising a kid in a joint family ever since. Some acknowledge it as a blessing whereas for some it maybe a little trouble. Like everything in this world the reviews / experiences vary from one mother to another.

Fortunately I fall in the lucky category where joint family came as a blessing for me while I’m raising my hyperactive & over pampered toddler. I’m going to tell you why I believe living in a joint family is bliss while your baby is still a toddler.

• Support 24*7

Kids nowadays are born with wings and a pair of skates ( that’s what they behave like) keeping parents on the toes all the time. Tantrums that they throw and the efforts that we have to put in order to make them eat , sleep , etc are beyond any measures. Living in a joint family gives you access to support and help anytime of the day. You have less work load or you can always share it with others. You can sometimes ask any of your family members to handle the baby for a while, while you can have a little quality sleep / time / coffee / go one date with your husband.

• Stranger anxiety

Kids living in a joint family have less anxiety and fear than the ones in a nuclear family because they already spend time with others than the parents.

• Skills

Kids that live in a joint family have more people trying to connect / spend time / play with them which consequently leads to faster improvement in their motor skills. They can behave like their dada, cook like dadi , act like Chachu , get ready like bua and pamper like mummy all at the same time. This enhances their motor skills.

• Sharing

Kids learn the art of sharing and caring at a very young age. Rockstar never eats his meal until he gives a bite to everyone present in the home . Such habits improve the personality of the baby.

• Love & Respect

Kids learn how to respect each and everyone while they see their family respecting each other. Rockstar when goes to sleep he’ll go meet everyone in their rooms wishes them good night and only after a few kisses & cuddles later he’ll be in his bed with a sweet smile all ready to sleep.

• Company

Your child will always have company of kids. Which makes them more active, more smart & more versatile.

So this is what living in a joint family gifted me and my baby. Obviously there are a few cons of living in a joint family like ,

– your child gets over pampered.

– you can never be strict with you child no matter how naughty and worst he becomes.

-you get a million zillion of free advices for anything even smaller than a mosquito bite.

– your baby will never completely behave the way you want him to behave. He will be a mixture of the whole family.

But all these small things can definitely be ignored over the positive ones that we gain, after all it’s all for your baby who means more than anything in the world.

Share your reviews / experiences about the same in the comment section below.