Overcoming hurdles of hands-on parent – lack of ideas/activities. (4/7)

Creativity is often misunderstood as a talent blessed at birth. Creativity is an asset to people born with it but also to people who remained consistent and became the best at it. Everyone is capable of conceiving different and new ideas.

Parents always want to engage kids in activities that not only mean fun but also works in enhancing their skills. Every parent puts in the best effort to conduct the best activities, but sometimes they lack the variety of ideas. Discussing the 4th hurdle of the list, few tried and tested tips and tricks are as follows.

1. Internet

We have now come to an era where anything and everything can be found and known about just by a click of a button. Various websites, applications, blogs, search engines, etc have become a source of knowledge. Just selecting the genre of the activity with the age of the child, one can get a variety of ideas and options. I often use Pinterest, facebook, youtube and few blogs to prepare for activities when I can’t think of any. And trust me we get millions of ideas out there, it’s an ocean.

2. Ideas from family/friends.

Family knows the child’s nature, interest and personality. Sometimes seeking options from family or friends or even other children is always a good option. There are days when I get my mother in law or my brother in law involved in making an activity for Little Rockstar. And that activity becomes his one of the most favourite activity.

3. Role play

Instructing the child to play and act like a character is always a proxy idea when the mind runs out of thoughts. Only changing the characters every time does the key. I often ask Little Rockstar to take over as a woman, doctor, chef, businessman, and just join him in to help or do as he asks.

Most important of it all is not to worry too much. It is not necessary to find different ideas always, sometimes repeating the old activities also does the work. And mostly kids themselves find a task in the activity once started. .Waiting for you guys to share your stories and different activities that you do with your child in the comment box below.

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