Am I doing the best as a mommy?

Once you become a mother, with responsibilities comes overdoing everything. Mothers start to overdo everything that is in their hands, like caring for the family, ignoring her own body, worrying about the family and the list might go on. The reason for this is that in the joy and power of motherhood, a mother wants to do everything that is more than possible and everything that is better than the best for her child. I am never going to judge or not favour them because this is motherhood. The saying “God can’t be everywhere so he made mothers” is not wrong. The definition of mothers may be described by various dictionaries but none does justice to what it actually means to be a mom. A mother however and in whichever condition she is, the unconditional love for her child never seems to take a backseat.

The only thing about motherhood that feels really inadequate is the mother underestimating her efforts. Self doubt and underestimation make their way to her mind like every other important thing.

” maybe the child isn’t happy with what I am doing for him”

“maybe I am not doing it properly”,

“I’m not giving him my 100%”,

“I shouldn’t be resting because he’s dependent on me”,

“he is not wrong maybe I didn’t teach him properly”,

“no results maybe my fault”,

“am I feeding appropriate?”,

“am I cooking right?”,

“am I teaching good values?”,

“am I doing everything that the other lady is doing?”,

“maybe no”,

“I am not a good mother because I just shouted, becausei just made him cry”

” my child is not interested in me”

An infinite amount of time will be less and words will be scarce if I write down the different type of dishes a mommy’s mind cooks.

This Mother’s day out of every other greetings and gratitude I truly wanted to take this most common question that every mother regardless of her motherhood age keeps doubting herself with.

So, every mother no matter anything, is the best mother for her child. There can be no better replacement and no better substitute to a mother. No one can know the child as much as his own mother. Whether the child approves and acknowledges or not, but a mother is the most important person and aspect of his life. And the world has not come across any mother in its lifetime who doesn’t do the best for the child, so please believe the soul inside you that has unconditional love and unconditional strength for your child. Stressing too much about the development of the child and putting yourself in the culprit position not only decreases the confidence but also decreases the impact of your efforts on the child. Before anything we are humans, so it is okay to make mistakes and moreover it is okay to not be able to do everything desirable for the child. Relax your body and your mind, give them enough time to rejuvenate and regenerate the best of you. Keep repeating to yourself “I am the best mother to my child”.

Believe in you, the soul in you, the mother in you because you are commendable and worth it and that’s the reason God made you the mother.

6 thoughts on “Am I doing the best as a mommy?

  1. Thank you for this insightful post. Parenting does not come with a user manual. We all figure it out one day at a time, making mistakes as we move along the way.
    I think most parents try the best they can.

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