DIY activity for toddlers (2-3 years)

DIY activities are the ones that can be made at home. Which means we can utilise all the resource easily available at home to make an activity interesting. Being a mother we are always in need of different activities for toddlers. I believe DIY activities should be easy, hassle free and interesting for both kids to do and moms who make at the same time making the concept and the explanation behind the activity easily delivered to the child.

My Little Rockstar has turned 2 a while back and his questions about everything have also doubled. Recently he has joined playschool, but according to him he is already a business associate hence he happens to decide his clothes daily. The one thing that was becoming difficult for me to explain it to him is the types of cloth and how do we fasten them. I made the following activity which involves 4 types of fastens and different pictures to represent and recognise them. It has helped me to a great level. It is very simple to make all you would need is-

• 1 cardboard.

• 3 coloured paper sheets.

• cut-outs of different form of fastens in our clothes.

•pens, scissors, pencils.

• Fevicol or any sticking material.

• 1 envelope.

– stick 1 coloured sheet on both the sides of cardboard.

– cut 4 squares from the extra coloured sheet. Take each square and apply Fevicol on the their back. Apply Fevicol only on the 3 boundaries so that when we stick on the cardboard it works like a pocket. ( refer pictures )

– stick all the squares.

– draw a zip on one square. Draw buttons on one square. Draw shoe laces on one square. Draw drawstrings on one square.

– stick the envelope on the back of the cardboard.

– and you’re done.

Give the cut outs to your child and guide them through the activity.

– put the clothes having zips in the zip pocket.

-Put the clothes having buttons in the buttons pocket.

-put the shoes having laces in the lace pocket.

-put the clothes having drawstrings in the drawstrings pocket.

– you can safely keep the cards on the back side of the envelope, which saves them from losing.

Alternatively, you can name the clothes and ask your child to put it accordingly .

This helps-

•recognising different clothes & their names.

•recognising different types of fastens.

•Now that my Little Rockstar knows the names, I use this sheet in helping him understand when and where are certain types of clothes worn. E.g. shoes when we go outdoors & slippers when we are indoors. jeans when we go outdoors & pyjamas when we are indoors.

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I would like to thank Samidha Mathur for introducing me and I would further introduce Deevyanka & Priyanka [Priyanka is a mom of a 15 month baby girl. She is a babywearing and a cloth diapering enthusiast. She love creating activities to her daughter. Follow her on Instagram @thehappymumma19 to look for activities, food, and Babywearing inspiration] to share their activities.

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