DIY activity for toddlers (2-3 years)

DIY activities are the ones that can be made at home. Which means we can utilise all the resource easily available at home to make an activity interesting. Being a mother we are always in need of different activities for toddlers. I believe DIY activities should be easy, hassle free and interesting for both kids to do and moms who make at the same time making the concept and the explanation behind the activity easily delivered to the child.

My Little Rockstar has turned 2 a while back and his questions about everything have also doubled. Recently he has joined playschool, but according to him he is already a business associate hence he happens to decide his clothes daily. The one thing that was becoming difficult for me to explain it to him is the types of cloth and how do we fasten them. I made the following activity which involves 4 types of fastens and different pictures to represent and recognise them. It has helped me to a great level. It is very simple to make all you would need is-

• 1 cardboard.

• 3 coloured paper sheets.

• cut-outs of different form of fastens in our clothes.

•pens, scissors, pencils.

• Fevicol or any sticking material.

• 1 envelope.

– stick 1 coloured sheet on both the sides of cardboard.

– cut 4 squares from the extra coloured sheet. Take each square and apply Fevicol on the their back. Apply Fevicol only on the 3 boundaries so that when we stick on the cardboard it works like a pocket. ( refer pictures )

– stick all the squares.

– draw a zip on one square. Draw buttons on one square. Draw shoe laces on one square. Draw drawstrings on one square.

– stick the envelope on the back of the cardboard.

– and you’re done.

Give the cut outs to your child and guide them through the activity.

– put the clothes having zips in the zip pocket.

-Put the clothes having buttons in the buttons pocket.

-put the shoes having laces in the lace pocket.

-put the clothes having drawstrings in the drawstrings pocket.

– you can safely keep the cards on the back side of the envelope, which saves them from losing.

Alternatively, you can name the clothes and ask your child to put it accordingly .

This helps-

•recognising different clothes & their names.

•recognising different types of fastens.

•Now that my Little Rockstar knows the names, I use this sheet in helping him understand when and where are certain types of clothes worn. E.g. shoes when we go outdoors & slippers when we are indoors. jeans when we go outdoors & pyjamas when we are indoors.

This blog is a part of The DIY blog train hosted by Oneupbaby, @momzdiary , Mama musings, Lovethatyoucanbuy . Here we Moms have united to share different DIYs that you can easily do to keep your little one’s engaged. So hop on this train and save lots of fun ideas for your infants and toddlers.

I would like to thank Samidha Mathur for introducing me and I would further introduce Deevyanka & Priyanka [Priyanka is a mom of a 15 month baby girl. She is a babywearing and a cloth diapering enthusiast. She love creating activities to her daughter. Follow her on Instagram @thehappymumma19 to look for activities, food, and Babywearing inspiration] to share their activities.

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April’18 – one productive month. Thank you post.

April every year starts with summers and lazy routine but this year things were different. I took the blogchatter #blogchatterA2Z challenge.

Having started blogging just 2 months back and not even sure if I will be able to do it, I saw the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and immediately thought of signing up. Obviously a very quick and unprepared decision, but something inside said “Do it”.

Doubting my personal decision at every point, I started the challenge with a hope of completing at least a week, but the community, DM twitter group and the social media inspired me and helped me finish the challenge. The inspiration and the force were so strong that I could write each day without fail and honestly, I had no pre-written material at all. I signed up just a day or two before the challenge started, and in the heat of it all, I took a theme as challenging as “The struggles of an Indian girl, housemaker and a hands-on mommy”.

The theme was really close to my heart but equally sensitive. Being a mommy blogger I wanted to describe it accordingly. Not sure if I could pull off the theme as it should have but I tried and decided to take this theme, not only because I want everyone to understand and apply, but we mothers, who are moulding our future, to know what to impart in order to make India a better place.

Blogchatter helped me in every way it can,

1. Persistence-

The entire community including the participants were highly inspiring, helping and motivating. This kept me writing daily regardless of the time I get with a toddler at home.

2. Inner strength

It found me the courage that I was unaware of. I got to know my inner strength. It brought out the best possible version of me this time. Helped me push my limits and set new standards for myself.

3. A slightly bigger audience

Posting daily, retweets and the participants engagements on my post helped me make new friends and reach a bigger audience. It definitely helped me in making a strong profile for myself.

Thank you blogchatter and all the participants for making my journey through this challenge so worth it.

P.s – if you haven’t read my posts for the entire month of April, please read it.

Overcoming hurdles of hands-on parent – lack of ideas/activities. (4/7)

Creativity is often misunderstood as a talent blessed at birth. Creativity is an asset to people born with it but also to people who remained consistent and became the best at it. Everyone is capable of conceiving different and new ideas.

Parents always want to engage kids in activities that not only mean fun but also works in enhancing their skills. Every parent puts in the best effort to conduct the best activities, but sometimes they lack the variety of ideas. Discussing the 4th hurdle of the list, few tried and tested tips and tricks are as follows.

1. Internet

We have now come to an era where anything and everything can be found and known about just by a click of a button. Various websites, applications, blogs, search engines, etc have become a source of knowledge. Just selecting the genre of the activity with the age of the child, one can get a variety of ideas and options. I often use Pinterest, facebook, youtube and few blogs to prepare for activities when I can’t think of any. And trust me we get millions of ideas out there, it’s an ocean.

2. Ideas from family/friends.

Family knows the child’s nature, interest and personality. Sometimes seeking options from family or friends or even other children is always a good option. There are days when I get my mother in law or my brother in law involved in making an activity for Little Rockstar. And that activity becomes his one of the most favourite activity.

3. Role play

Instructing the child to play and act like a character is always a proxy idea when the mind runs out of thoughts. Only changing the characters every time does the key. I often ask Little Rockstar to take over as a woman, doctor, chef, businessman, and just join him in to help or do as he asks.

Most important of it all is not to worry too much. It is not necessary to find different ideas always, sometimes repeating the old activities also does the work. And mostly kids themselves find a task in the activity once started. .Waiting for you guys to share your stories and different activities that you do with your child in the comment box below.

Hurdles of a hands-on-parent

Raising a child with values and discipline requires a lot of participation in their growth and upbringing. Saying so, it becomes obvious that it necessitates more than just efforts and thoughts.

While the hands-on-approach may seem simple to understand, it comes with a lot of hurdles for the parent following it. Types of hurdles may variate from one family to another, but some that seem common and relatable are described as follows-

1.Lack of child’s interest in activities.

2. Children are unable to follow parent’s ideas/plans.

3. Parents have lack of time.

4. Lack of new ideas/activities.

5. Tantrums and mood shifts in children.

6. Parents lack confidence.

7. Lack of results in children.

These are some main and common hurdles of a hands-on-parent. Starting from tomorrow we’re going to elaborate each hurdle described in a way that’s relatable and understandable to everyone in/going through the hands-on approach.

Hands-on-parents, what does it mean to be one ?

Hands-on-parents is an involved approach to raise children. Requiring parental attention, parental supervision, parental participation along with parental guidance which sets up certain bars, standards and rules for better discipline, performance and communication, this approach helps in overall growth of children.

Spending time-

Being the most important aspect, spending quality time with kids has proved to work wonders for children. It improves their confidence, communication, security, ethics. Quality time spent with kids makes them less influenced to the other less(not) important things like TV, Mobile, etc.


Monitoring children’s activities, thoughts, actions, strength, weakness and working with it in appropriate ways possible helps to keep them disciplined and loyal towards values and ethics.


Spending time with children, monitoring them increases the understanding of their likes, dislikes, personality, strength, weakness. Better understanding helps in better communication of thoughts, values and ethics, which are the most important assets of life.


Being available for children at their worst and best times, is the best thing a parent should do and a parent can do. This consistently improves the bond and love amongst the family. Along with this, it grows the level of security and stability amongst them.

So, a hands-on-parent is the one who spends quality time, supervises and understands the kids while being available for them. This does not relate with working status of the parent.

On a personal note, I always try to be hands-on with my little Rockstar, and trust me it has only done the best to us. How many of you are a hands-on-parent and how do you do the job? share in the comment box.

Strength of a woman.

It wouldn’t be wrong to add “wonder” to the word woman, because any woman is a wonder in herself. Women are blessed with strength that’s heavenly and love within themselves that’s boundless. What the women have showed the world over the past years and centuries, is that there’s no magic & nothing at all that a woman can’t do. Women weave magic in different stages of their entire life.

The list of things that only and only women can do will have no bounds, well that’s the power of this gender. Strength, drive and courage has been granted an unlimited plan for women by god, but to name a few of their powers, list goes as follows-


Bleeding every month for tentative 30 years straight, accompanied by cramps, aches and PMS, is not a joke. Working, wife-ing, mom-ing, & all the million roles that she plays in her life plus menstruating is nothing less than moving a rock. Menstruation must be every women’s pride because men can’t even live with it for a day forget every month for so many years.


Conceiving, nourishing a soul, a human being inside your own body for 9 months is a magic only a woman can create. To give birth is another wonder which a woman does. Giving birth is the most important thing women do for nature & society.

Being a mom-

The strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws ~ Barabara kingsolver.

From making a child to raising a child, understanding a child, nurturing a child, supporting & encouraging a child are few of the many things that makes a Mom. But this can be enough to explain that being a mom needs immense strength, being a mom needs immense courage, being a mom needs immense patience and contentment and that only women can do.


Women are the natural food providers for their new born babies. They literally nurture their child exclusively with their breast milk for the first few months. They nurture a human being with the nutrients present in their body. This in itself is nothing less than a wonder, a magic that’s so beautiful.


To balance home and work, to balance kids and family, to balance in-laws and parents, to balance husband and friends, to balance husband and kids, to balance the world and oneself and a lot more combination of balances are the tasks that women accomplishes despite of any circumstances/situations she comes through. It is not only about balance it’s about balancing while fulfilling all the responsibilities in the optimum of the possibilities & limitless sacrifices. The strength to do it all is blessed only to women.

While I write this post, million other roles and strength come to my mind, but it can only be acknowledged when people start to respect and honour women. No matter how powerful the women of India are, what they lack today is the support and honour of being a woman. Let’s honour and love them, let’s support and respect them for all they do for the society and individually is commendable and exemplary in all the ways.

6 common health issues of Indian women.

Today, on World Health Day, I would like to write down common but serious Heath issues of Indian women.

Indian women are often seen ignoring their health which later deteriorates and becomes more severe, painful and sometimes life threatening. Indian women, ironically, care about the health of their family more than anything. Health of a person is a priority when it comes to well being and a healthy life. It’s necessary to give health, all the care and importance that it needs. Following are the common health issues of Indian women which are often termed as normal or not important.

1. Polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos/pcod)

Increase in the present male sex hormones in female body resulting in increased body weight, unwanted hair, acne, etc. There are mixed thoughts about it ever getting completely cured or not, but if not controlled can lead to type 2 diabetes in future. The main reason behind this is the sedentary life style. This has happened to be one of the most common diseases to young girls and women nowadays. Hence the women should make sure that they are active physically and make sure they work out regularly.

2. Fibroids.

Fibrous growth in uterus, produced in response of female sex hormone are called fibroids. They happen naturally but can become extremely heavy leading to heavy bleeding during menstruation, very frequent urination , pain during sexual intercourse. The symptoms may differ from one person to another. It is best to treat the fibroids, as it can get infectious.

3. Breast cancer.

Highest cases of cancer in women are of breast cancer. Presence of lump or mass in breast causing dimpling or change in basic shape of breasts are the first signs. Lack of fitness, tobacco, alcohol are some of the causes of cancer. It is advised to be aware of your body and whenever and whenever anything unusual is felt, a doctor should be visited.

4. Obesity.

Obesity increases the risk of heart diseases, cholesterol, diabetes and strokes. Obesity in women can lead to some serious problems like infertility, miscarriage, diabetes. Time and again, obesity has proved itself as the root cause of many other diseases which make it life threatening.

5. Depression

Scientifically, a woman is more likely to be depressed than a man. It can come in forms of anxiety, insomnia, hypertension , hormonal imbalance, etc. Postpartum, menopause or some life tragedy are the times when the depression can happen the most. Positive thinking, self motivation and a healthy life are cures to depression.

6. Arthritis

This is the most common problem almost every women has started to face after 35-40 years of age. Causing pain and discomfort in joints are the common symptoms of roughly over 90 different forms of arthritis. Causes are hereditary, lack of joint lubrication, autoimmunity, etc. Exercising or physiotherapist sessions if done regularly are proved to soothe the pain.

I’ve described 6 common health issues in women today out of many others. All the health problems described need attention, motivation and dedication towards a healthy life by woman. Women should start understanding the importance of a healthy body before the body shows them red signals. Awareness about the body is must and one must never ignore the signs our body shows.

On this world health day, I want to spread the message of self love, self care & healthy living.

Struggles of working women.

Taking the struggles of an Indian woman ahead, today I want to talk about the struggles of Indian women who are married and working.

Indian culture is not known to be very supportive of the females working but what’s rare is a family which supports their daughter-in-law to work, with all the love, respect and honour. Taunts, torture and sometimes violence are often the hurdles of an Indian working woman. It takes a lot of courage, strength, passion and a powerful drive to work. And when it comes to a woman doing all of it along with the household responsibilities, she should be respected and honoured.

Struggles of women can be different from a situation to another and hence all of them can’t be known nor described, but there are few common yet serious struggles that most women go through, which are-

•Immense stress because of managing work plus house together, without compromising on any.

•little to zero support from family.

•has to work extra. Usually all the Indian women who work, complete their household chores before leaving for their work, which includes cleaning,cooking, packing food for the whole family and sending kids to school, all of this before she goes to her work.

•Efforts are hardly recognised. No matter how much a woman juggles herself between work and home, taunts like “what do you even do?”, “what do you think of yourself?”, doubts/misunderstandings in some situations, are always going to be a part of her life.

•No time for her own self. Whatever time is left, after her house and office work, women usually think of giving it to the family/kids. So there’s roughly no time for herself.

•No proper rules/actions for the sexual harassment at the workplace. Reports of harassment done to women are rapidly increasing in number, but the punishment and the action are still not adverse. Consequently, there’s no decline in sexual/ mental harassment,eve-teasing etc.

•No safe public transport. Lack of strictness in the laws for rape, murder, harassment has increased risk of traveling alone for women in India.

•Remuneration is less than men, regardless of the quality & quantity of women’s work.

all the struggles if you read once again, what you notice is none of them are the same for men in India. Men are respected, supported and taken pride of if they work. With the inflation in the economy and cost of living, our near future will demand both the genders to work. It will be good if like men, women are supported. It will be good if like men, women are regarded equally. India will have better economy if the number of working men and women become equal.

Let’s support and respect the Women. Because women are wonder creatures.

Housewife – The star of her family.

House-maker / housewife- a married woman who’s main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs and doing housework.

Being a house wife or not, is an individual choice and it should not be judged. Pros and cons come in equal numbers for both the choices. Opinions are what makes your choice easy, but the opinion should be personal & individual and not someone else’s. The beliefs and the desire to work or to not, as long as not tampered by any pressure or force, can not be judged nor can be wrong.

In this post I don’t want to describe the advantages and disadvantages for being a housewife , because that will differ from a person to person and from a family to another. It is not right to start with advantages and disadvantages because a woman working or not , gives immense of her love and energy to a family that’s her own. No matter she’s working or at home , her life revolves around her family. It does not feel right to me, to pen down advantages and disadvantages. Im only going to describe the struggle that a housewife faces for her family.

A housewife is someone who willingly/unwillingly dedicates her life towards her family and her children. Her main ambitions revolve around her family, her success is determined by her family’s success. She is someone who plays the major role in making her house a heaven for her family.

A housewife is someone who does everything for her husband, waits for him to be back home, to present him a beautifully decorated dinner table and just sleep peacefully with that smile which her husband had on his face seeing her efforts. A housewife is someone who can survive her entire life just by small yet beautiful gestures by her family.

A housewife is someone who keeps on going regardless of acknowledgement. For what keeps her going is her kids, their education, their best possible development all of which is her solo aim in life.

A housewife’s job is often a thankless job because sometimes the family gets used to her efforts. Questions about what little to no efforts does she put for the family and yet be tired , are very common for her. But what is not common for the world is her passion and her drive that never stops her from caring and loving her family and doing the best she can to see her family smile. A housewife is someone who gives equal amount of efforts as the working people of her family, mostly more than them, but always underestimated.

It’s is not that a housewife has super natural powers, that she never gets affected for what sometimes her own family puts her through. It’s not that she never gets affected by the taunts that the society throws at her. It’s not that her family’s sometimes moody behaviour doesn’t affect her. It’s just that everything affects her more than one can imagine , more than she can ever say. It affects her to the core and she thinks and sometimes underestimates herself and consequently her self esteem is hampered, her self confidence is shallowed. She might lose everything and anything, but what never changes is her love for her family.

It will mean a universe of happiness to her, if her family starts to respect and thank the work she does for them just like how she takes pride for her family to be hers. It will mean a universe of contentment to her, if the family loves her back just like she loves them. It will be a universe of happy families, if everyone like you and me stop judging and start appreciating the house wives we know. For they are nothing less.

Dowry and India.

Dowry – a dowry is a transfer of parental property, gifts and money at the marriage of a daughter.

The custom of dowry was introduced considering the security of the girls after marriage. Meaning, it worked as a protection for the girl if the husband or the family misbehaved. Following misbehaviour or abuse, the girl had the right to take back all the dowry from her in laws. Dowry was considered and practiced to keep the family and the husband determined in order to behave humanly towards the girls.

I believe the basic thought behind the dowry practice was itself highly discriminative. There are changes in the thought process, but sadly it’s the bad changes. The society has started to see marriage as a source of income if they luckily find themselves a rich-father’s-princess. Girls are considered a fortune only till they bring dowry, once the dowry comes people often forget that girls have a heart and a life. Misbehaviour, mental-physical abuse, torture are just daily things that happen to women in a vast number of families. Then there is a different story of girls whose family is not able to provide the amount of dowry as demanded. Girls like them are being tortured and abused at all the levels.

Marriage done, dowry received, respect attained but yet that’s not the end, greedy people can never sleep peacefully , their demands never end. Every festival or every occasion they desire gifts and materials from the girls parents. Some families are so awful they compare the gifts from one girls family to another and then start the torture. Speaking of the awfulness, it might take a night and yet be less to be able to describe the position of the girls in our society.

As much as the protection the dowry system tried to give the girls, the more has it turned opposite towards them. Why did this happen? Because the solution to such protective thought is so discriminative in its own self, that it can never work positively for anyone. Why do we girls need a monetary incentive for a boy to behave a certain way? Are they not raised to be kind and gentle and respect a woman? Dowry is prohibited under laws like Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and a few more sections. But there is no change and no fear in the people who not only ask for dowry but some cases related to dowry also result in crime, injuries and sometimes death.

Not going to deny the fact that there are families who clearly reject dowry and just are completely interested in the girl, but unfortunately such families are very few in numbers. India is not the only country following this system, this system was followed in many other cultures as well. But the practice in India is so demoralising for girls that it’s time to change it.

It’s time that we understand that dowry is not only illegal but also unethical and bias. It’s time to change and bring the change in practice. Its time for a girls parents to say no to dowry. It’s time to make our daughters fly and not cage them. It’s time to make a better India for our upcoming generation.

Picking up such delicate topics was never my comfort nor my genre, but what has provoked me to write about the struggles in this challenge is – I may not be a revolutionary writer, I may not bring in the courage for someone but I can definitely make them aware of the discrimination and most importantly to convey the messages to mothers, so that we know what to impart to our children.

image source – Google.